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Green Home Study Program Option G

Green Home Study Program Option G

  • GO Green! NO WAITING FOR THE SNAIL MAIL!Home-Study Course ($600)
    This training option features DOWNLOAD of the most up-to-date, comprehensive training materials in the personal-chef field, The American Personal & Private Chef Institute Training Materials (16th edition, April 2018 as PDF download), is written by Candy Wallace, APPCA executive director and award-winning expert in the industry. It includes valuable information designed to assist you with:

    • - A Day in the Life of a Personal Chef
    • - Time Management
    • - Advertising & Media Relations
    • - Business-Collateral Materials
    • - Personal Chef Office User Manual
    • - Checklists, Forms & Glossary of Food Terms
    • - Effective Business Planning
    • - Finances & Accounting
    • - Municipal Regulations & Taxes
    • - Target Marketing
    • - Internet Marketing & SEO
    • - Social Media Marketing
    • - The Sales Process and Customer Service
  • Personal Chef Office — revolutionary online (web-based) personal-chef-specific software, which provides recipe, menus and business-tracking tools that eliminate the need for expensive, time-consuming set up of generic support software. Preloaded with 1,500 tested recipes extracted from our Recipe for Success forum. Since this is online web-based software, you can access it securely from anywhere. Works great with MAC computers too.
  • This package includes your 1st year of membership to the APPCA and continues for active members, "The Professional Personal Chef" Training Manual, APPCA Recipe collection in PCO, APPCA's Files Download Vault,.
  • 2 hour “A Day in the Life of a Personal Chef” a streaming video that shows you the rhythm of a personal-chef cook date and walks you through just how doable this career is for you.
  • Access to the private Members Discussion Forum, where you can share stories, get ideas, and build your network. It includes more than 100,000 searchable, topic-specific posts by working personal chefs. This is a personal chef graduate school, of sorts, as it is the most comprehensive knowledge base available in the personal-chef industry.
  • A Web referral page on “Find A Chef” registry at This registry has maintained the #1-ranking with search engines since 1995.
  • Access to national-association rates for A+ rated general-liability insurance for personal chefs. We offer the most comprehensive and flexible risk coverage for your business available. Go to
  • Exclusive Web Custom Design and Hosting Services at deep discount rates.
  • Embroidered APPCA membership patch for your chef coat. (Mailed separately.)
  • APPCA membership identification card. (Mailed separately.)
  • Bi-monthly A LA Minute e-newsletter
  • Certificate of course completion.
  • Shopping discounts for members.
  • Eligibility for regional and local chapter memberships.
  • Member discount for annual Personal Chef Summit Educational Conferences and Culinary Tours.
  • Ongoing support, networking, mentoring and coaching.
  • Fast and effective member services.
  • NO Shipping and handling costs and delays.

AND Our NEW Online File Download Folder that includes:

  • Download link to APPCA Training Manual (PDF)
  • Streaming video link for "A Day in the Life of a Personal Chef" (127 minutes)
  • Customized business forms, slide presentations, and “ready to use” templated files to get you started quickly.
  • Startup checklists to manage costs and save time.
  • A complete press release and media kit with sample templates.
  • Heating and freezing recipe information.
  • Sample brochures and fliers.
  • Scores of sample forms critical to your personal-chef business.
  • Numerous multimedia film clips and many other valuable online resources.
Please know that the Green order process is not totally automated.  This is on purpose to ensure online safety as we have a manual fulfillment portion.  We have the opportunity to fully automate, but choose to screen for spammers and phonies,  then send out direct email messages with links using a human beings judgement and experience.  This process normally takes only a few hours.

Not everyone can pick up and travel for a two-day live seminar. This Option G program includes the Industry's only Personal Chef Video Seminar Library (streaming). You will see an entire seminar (3 videos) filmed at the San Diego Culinary Institute with detailed explanations, discussions, anecdotes, and attendee questions and expert answers.

That's why the APPCA developed the Seminar Video Series - a collection filmed during an actual Live Seminar that allow you to review the process as often as you like in the comfort of your own home on your desktop, laptop, or tablet.

You will watch the entire seminar, including:

     • detailed explanations
     • discussions
     • anecdotal stories
     • tons of valuable time and money saving tips
     • member questions and answers!

This is the ONLY video collection of its kind available in the entire Personal Chef industry!

You will also receive these 6 (six) Personal Chef Special Skills videos

Video Title Stream Time Description
39 min.

This is the newly edited release of the industry-original "Day in the Life of a Personal Chef" video. There is MORE hands-on information that makes this video a valuble learning tool for new aspiring personal chefs as well as experienced personal chefs.

2 hr 37 min.

Opening session:

Can't make it to a seminar? We bring the seminar to you in this three session collection recorded during a live 2-day seminar conducted by Candy Wallace. This collection walks you through all the concepts discussed in the "The Professional Personal Chef" training manual and explores them in greater detail. Hear actual Q & A's from the seminar and learn how to get your new personal chef service business fast-tracked!

3 hr 19 min. Session 2. Not everyone can make it to a Live Seminar. This collection of three videotapes is like being there! Sit back and watch the entire 2 day Live Seminar - "The Business of Doing Business as a Personal Chef". View the Seminar in your 'jamies over and over again!
2 hr 39 min. Final session. Not everyone can make it to a Live Seminar. This collection of three videotapes is like being there! Sit back and watch the entire 2 day Live Seminar - "The Business of Doing Business as a Personal Chef". View the Seminar in your 'jamies over and over again!
1 hr 12 min. So the money's rolling in and you're heading for easy street - or are you? This detailed explanation shows how you can simply control and monitor your finances and revenues to make sure you are maximizing your profitability. Streamlined accounting methods for optimizing your Personal Chef service for profit. Hosted by Personal Chef Meredith Eriksen ( APPCA Personal Chef of the Year 2004) (approx. 71 minutes).
1 hr 17 min. Personal Chef Dane Mechlin, CEC ( APPCA Personal Chef of the Year 2003) shares his experiences with the extra requirements of servicing upscale personal chef clients.
13 minutes Personal Chef Dane Mechlin, CEC ( APPCA Personal Chef of the Year 2003) shares his experiences with low fat "mother" sauces, light salad dressings, and other tips for personal chefs.
39 min.

Clients with special dietary needs? Don't worry, here are some easy tips on accommodating the special diet market. Professional Personal Chef Host Dennis Nosko & Personal Chef Christine Robinson discusses planning and cooking for clients with special dietary needs. Experience how simple sauces can be modified to easily accommodate a variety of special dietary considerations, an important aspect of personalizing and broadening your culinary services. Dennis & Christine are APPCA's 2013 Chefs of the Year

1 hr 14 min.

This video discusses the details of properly selecting and packaging your beautiful meals for clients to enjoy as though they were just made. Make sure you are providing the very best to your clients! The food looks great and tastes great. Here are some strategies to keep it that way for the client. A great instructional video for beginning personal chefs. Tricks and tips offered Personal Chefs Candy Wallace and Jim Davis.

23 minutes

Although it's a heavy utensil to pack around, the pressure cooker can be worth its weight in gold when it comes to helping a Personal Chef prepare meals for their clients. See how the pressure cooker can be one of your best friends in your portable kitchen kit.

This program has been carefully designed to help you have your personal-chef business on track within 30 to 60 days.

This is an outstanding value for only $545!

Option A & G is the core curriculum of all APPCI training programs. To facilitate your personal-chef growth, once Option G has been purchased by a member in good standing, Option B may be obtained by deducting the cost of Option G from the purchase price.

APPCA consistently and consciously sets the highest standards for the personal-chef industry. We stand by our training programs and our membership’s success, delivering in our philosophy, “promises made, promises kept.”

The APPCI training programs and materials are the source material for the written certification exam offered through the ACF/APPCA certification partnership.

There are no hidden fees in the APPCI/APPCA training programs or membership. For our customer's security protection, we have built in a "human" step in our digital delivery process. Thus you will experience a short delay while our membership staff approves your order and manually sends email messages delivering critical product info and links.

NOTE: All fees are non-refundable and non-returnable. The APPCI Manual &Training Materials are for educational purposes only. You are not purchasing a business plan, franchise, or distributorship. As an independent business owner you may operate your business the way you wish and earn as much money as your efforts and drive to be successful returns to you. APPCI cannot guarantee any specific earnings as a result of purchasing the APPCI Training Manual & Materials. Under U.S. Copyright and Trademark Law it is illegal for these materials to be copied, reproduced or otherwise used as anything other than an educational manual for the use of the purchaser ALONE. Any infringement will be disputed with legal action. By completing this order, I affirm that I understand and accept the above terms.

Price: US$ 545

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